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Hardly any other business in our digital world is developing as fast as the cryptocurrency. Almost daily are we confronted with faster and more profitable methods and technologies. Unpredictable market influences often affect our plans and strategies.


In recent months, we have been confronted with unexpected market developments that have prompted us to take far-reaching measures.


Our work - our business - our control!


Protecting our Coin Community, as well as the usability and functionality of the Coin, are a great asset to us.


In order to translate these goals XPRO will offer a new coin concept and stop the mining of the X12.

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Do you already speak XPro?

To provide you with sufficient information on various topics and the XPro platform in particular, we are hosting a WEBINAR in English and German language every week.
Varying subjects and content will make you an XPro expert in no time.

Wednesday - 20.30 p.m. / GMT - in English

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